Skippo set sail for success, with full growth team from Recuro

“With Recuro’s expertise and resources, we were able to successfully re-launch our app across four countries simultaneously. The result is a 50% year-on-year growth in new subscriptions. The flexible arrangement with a wide range of competences from Recuro helped us scale faster and more efficient.”

Linnea Hagströmer, Head of Operations at Skippo

About the client case

About the Client

Simplifying Boatlife

Skippo, founded in 2022, is dedicated to simplifying boatlife in the Nordics through smart digital services and an engaging community. Currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, Skippo offers a comprehensive range of features for boat navigation and related services.

Skippo’s flagship product is the boat navigation app “Skippo” an upgraded version of the popular “Eniro På Sjön” With over 150,000 paying subscribers and close to one million active users, the app has already established itself as a leading player in the field.

The Challenge

Simultaneous Launch in Four Countries

As a young company with ambitious goals, Skippo aimed to re-launch the app across the entire Nordics simultaneously in spring 2023. This required adjusting everything from launch strategies and tactical marketing for each market. To achieve this, Skippo engaged Recuro with a wide range of competences, leveraging their expertise to successfully launch the app and drive scalable growth.

Recuro's Solution

Delivering a full Growth Team as a flexible service

Through Skippo’s partnership with Recuro, Skippo has gained access to a wide array of expertise on launching and scaling a subscription-based business. Recuro has provided strategic guidance and practical execution of marketing initiatives, including managing everything between customer engagement platforms and performance marketing. The ultimate objective is to strengthen Skippo’s market presence and grow revenue. 

Recuro had the following responsibilities for Skippo’s new launch:

    • Pricing strategy: Providing strategic guidance on establishing an effective pricing strategy – both short and long-term. 
    • Marketing automation: Implementing and setting up a marketing automation strategy and segmentation, including campaigns and user journeys.
    • Performance marketing: Reaching new potential customers through targeted social media campaigns such as Google ads and Facebook ads.
    • Customer support: Implementing and managing comprehensive customer support through a custom built portal and on social channels. Creating feedback loops from customers to the product team. 
  • Managing marketing operations in four countries: Operating all the Nordics countries, including translating, launching and optimizing campaigns and all other communication. 
  • App Marketing Strategies: Including ASO (App Store Optimization) and ASA (App Store Advertising).

Up to 10 people were involved from Recuro’s team – including strategy consultants, marketing officers, digital specialists, tech specialists and support agents. As a result, Skippo has gotten access to a flexible full-service growth team – quickly, with the right competencies, and to the right cost.

Client Outcomes

An uplift in new subscriptions by 50%

With Recuro’s assistance, Skippo has cemented and grown their market position and their paying user base. 

During the period that Recuro has worked together with Skippo we have seen an uplift in new subscriptions by 50%, setting up Skippo on a good path for reaching their targets. 

By developing an effective marketing strategy and implementing targeted efforts, Skippo aims to reach a wider user base and offer an enhanced navigation experience on the water. 

Together, Skippo and Recuro continue to enable boating by providing innovative solutions and fostering a stronger community of boating enthusiasts in the Nordic region.

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Client case in figures:
Launched countries/markets
Uplift in new subscriptions since launch of new Skippo app
Reduction of customer support tickets

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