Driving Growth for Climate Investing Company Plantmore through a Strong Offer

Recuro came with new perspectives and repackaged the communication on Plantmore.com in a professional way. Together we analyzed how more companies could do more for climate, people and their partners. Do more, plant more! 

Hopefully we can continue a strong partnership down the road and find more ways of helping companies climate invest.

William Larsson, Founder & CEO Plantmore

About the client case

About the Client

Plantmore.com a climate investing company

Plantmore.com started in 2018 on a business trip in Lithuania during the big drought in Sweden. They found fertile soils that weren’t used and saw a potential to contribute to a better future by letting companies invest in planting trees locally. 

The Challenge

Acquire new and profitable long-term customers

Plantmore had successfully built its offering around several transactional models, allowing clients to choose from a list of ecommerce items. Further, the conversion process to acquire new clients was mainly outbound. A certain level of complexity was experienced for the clients, which resulted in lower conversion rates.

Recuro's Solution

Strategic overview and drive for new customers

Our solution came in two steps. First a strategic overview of the packaging to simplify the customer offer. It resulted in new naming of the offering and visual development.

The result was a four-part offering, allowing for flexibility on how the client can purchase the climate investments, from transactional to fixed-price subscriptions. 

The second step included growth marketing on SoMe driving new target audiences to download content on how to successfully manage their climate investments.

Client Outcomes

The outcomes for the client were


  • A clear customer offer and value proposition, through strategic advice on pricing and packaging.
  • New lead gen engine, through design and implementation of a new funnel, using social media marketing and dedicated landing pages. 
  • Structured testing to understand which growth activities and competencies are needed for the business.

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Client cases

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