Upzelo and Recuro Join Forces to Optimize Retention and Reduce Churn

By  Recuro
Jun 21st 2023
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Upzelo, a leading retention platform, and Recuro, a subscription growth consultancy, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to strengthen the subscription landscape by combining cutting-edge technology with expert professional services for high-growth subscription companies.

In today's competitive market, the significance of a robust retention strategy cannot be overlooked. Recognizing the evolving growth strategies of businesses, with a focus on customer engagement and loyalty, Recuro understands the need to stay ahead of the game and provide clients with unparalleled solutions.

A crucial element of success lies in building a strong tech stack that aligns with the overall strategy. By joining forces, Upzelo and Recuro will empower businesses to leverage top-notch technology and consulting services, enabling them to create and optimize high-growth subscription business models with efficiency.

Recuro helps companies grow recurring revenues sustainably by providing leading expertise in subscription business models. Together with Upzelo, we can help our customers create personalized cancellation flows that delight customers, increase retention, and cater to industries such as Media, SaaS, and more."

-Jonas Åström, CEO of Recuro.

The partnership between Upzelo and Recuro will enable customers to devise and implement subscription retention strategies for long-term success. With a specific focus on Media and SaaS, the two companies will collaborate extensively in the Nordic and European regions, supporting customers in expanding their market presence.

From our very first conversation with the team, it was very evident that we had found an organisation that shared the same passion and desire to support growing subscription businesses.  We look forward to collaborating with Recuro and their customers to deliver exception retention strategies.”

-Phill Carr, CEO of Upzelo.

About Upzelo: 

Upzelo, your ultimate companion for customer retention. Our platform works wonders for subscription businesses, helping them tackle churn, increase revenue, and delve into the reasons behind customer departures. With Upzelo, you can effortlessly take automated actions to boost customer lifetime value (LTV), supercharge your revenue growth, and save valuable time along the way. Say goodbye to churn and hello to success with Upzelo! For more information visit upzelo.com

About Recuro:

Recuro helps companies build, grow, and operate their subscription-based businesses. With a cross-functional team of experts, Recuro specializes in subscription business models, providing services ranging from strategy consulting to growth marketing. Their commitment lies in creating sustainable revenue streams and fostering strong customer relationships. For more information, please visit www.recuro.com or schedule a discovery call.

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