EXPIRED: Webinar September 13th 2023: How to use generative AI and SEO tactics to lower your acquisition costs

Reaching new potential customers demands new ways of thinking and finding a marketing mix that actually works together and fulfills its purpose is crucial to building a sustainable recurring revenue business. Throughout this co-hosted webinar with Recuro and Zupyak, we’ll be diving into exciting topics that illuminate the transformative power of generative AI and its impact on content marketing and SEO.

Location: Digital
Date: September 13, 2023
Time: 12:0012:45 CET
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Jonas Åström
CEO & Founder of Recuro
Erik Wikander
Co-founder & CEO of Zupyak

During this 45-minute session, we will cover the following topics:

  • The Zupyak story – how did Zupyak manage to go from a content marketing community to a generative AI platform with 400 000 users and triple digit MRR growth?
  • How will generative AI affect SEO?
  • AI generated content – myths and truths
  • How can you create unique content using generative AI?
  • What determines if something gets to the top of Google organic results?
  • Using generative AI for SEO, without SEO knowledge or agencies
  • How quickly can you get results from organic marketing efforts? What can you expect?
  • Q&A


Jonas Åström, Subscription Expert at Recuro

Jonas is an electrical engineer and economist with a background in product development, analytics and marketing. He is a strategist specialized in pricing & packaging, go-to-market and quantitative analysis. As the CEO of Recuro, Jonas helps companies from various industries to build and grow their subscription-based businesses. You can reach him at jonas@recuro.com.

Erik Wikander, Co-founder and CEO of Zupyak

Erik has a background from management consulting as well as product and growth at startups. Erik was previously the CMO & CPO of Lendify, which created the peer-to-peer lending category in Sweden and was acquired by Danish neobank Lunar in 2021. Today Erik runs Zupyak, a content marketing platform that helps businesses lower their acquisition costs through generative AI with 400 000 users across the globe. You can reach him at erik@zupyak.com


Zupyak is a content marketing platform that helps small and medium sized businesses lower their acquisition costs through generative AI. Zupyak is the world’s largest content marketing community, with over 400 000 users across the globe who create and publish over 50 000 articles each month. Zupyak has simplified the process of creating search optimized content that will perform well on search engines with a super easy to use AI writer that does the SEO research for you, while you write. With several products powered by generative AI launched every month, the end goal is to help users get more customers from search engines, without the effort or need for an external agency or expensive SEO and AI tools.

Recuro helps companies build, grow and operate their subscription-based businesses via a cross-functional team of experts who believe that the subscription business model is a great way of building sustainable revenue streams and strong customer relationships.

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Oops, we're afraid this event has passed. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to know about our upcoming events.
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