Nordic Subscription Economy: Week 45 -2021

By  Recuro
Nov 11th 2021
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Weekly news roundup

1. Subscription platform Fairown secures a €4.2M seed round – Linkedin

Estonian-based fintech company Fairown has secured a €4.2 million seed round to advance product subscriptions and reduce waste. Founded in 2018, Fairown has developed a cloud-native financing platform that enables environmentally conscious brands to offer their products as services for monthly subscriptions.

“We are proud to empower brands like Apple, Komplett Group, STIHL and others to launch products as service offerings, putting circularity and sustainability at the core of innovation.”

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2. Swedish chewing gums on subscription will launch in the Middle East – Breakit

Swedish Shewy will launch their subscriptions to vitamin-enriched chewing gums in the Middle East, with the help of money from, among others, Ash Pournour, former manager of Avicii.

“The market for health, functional food as well as western brands and e-commerce is growing strongly and this is a segment that is very interesting.”

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3. New York Times on track to reach 10 million subscribers by 2025 – The Hill

The New York Times gained nearly half a million digital subscribers in the third quarter of 2021, bringing their total to 8.4 million subscribers. The newspaper is now on track to reach their goal of 10 million subscribers by 2025.

“This was our best third-quarter performance in both News and total net subscription additions since the launch of the digital pay model more than a decade ago, and, outside of 2020, our best quarter ever for digital subscription additions”

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4. Netflix games are here and android users get to play first – CNN

Netflix has launched five mobile games for Android phones and tablets, as it seeks to gain a bigger share of subscribers’ attention and entertainment time. Netflix did not comment in its statement on when the games would become available to its iPhone subscriber base.

“The games will be free to all Android users among Netflix’s 200 million subscribers, with no advertisements, additional fees or in-app purchases necessary, the company said.”

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5. Facebook undercuts Apple with custom subscription links – Make use of

Facebook has found a way to help creators get around Apple’s controversial in-app fees. The social media platform is giving creators with popular Facebook pages new custom links that allow them to accept payments directly, circumventing Apple’s 30% cut. The platform will also reward creators between $5 and $20 for each new subscriber they sign up until the end of 2021 through a new bonus program

“The 30% fees that Apple takes on transactions make it harder to do that, so we’re updating our Subscriptions product so now creators can earn more.”

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Weekly analysis roundup

1. Why the best iPad app for written notes is switching to subscriptions – Subscribed

Notability, an app that hails as the best note taking app on an iPad, will after 11 years no longer be sold for an up-front price of $9, but will instead require a  $15 per year subscription.

“It’s not really driven by revenue or profits, so much as how we want to expand and increase our reach, and build a broader ecosystem.”

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2. Subscription revenue is safer than ad revenue for news media, but only with good journalism – Subscribed

It has taken time, but news is is heading from the Napster generation to the Spotify generation, writes Zuora subscription strategist Nick Cherrier.

“It’s a well-worn truism in the Subscription Economy, but one that I never get tired of repeating: if you’re not offering something valuable and convenient, you’re asking for customers to move elsewhere. But even if you’re offering ease of access and quality, but you’re refusing to bite the bullet on payment, you’ve still got a problem.”

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3. The subscription economy has officially infiltrated gaming – Morning Consult

Half of the gaming market, including a strong majority of millennial gamers, say they pay for at least one service as industry shifts toward subscriptions, according to an analysis done by Morning Consult.

“Mirroring the changes in news, entertainment and other sectors, gaming has increasingly shifted toward a subscription-based economy that allows gamers to download and play a variety of games at a fixed monthly price. Revenue from gaming subscription platforms is expected to reach $11 billion in 2025 […]”

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