Nordic Subscription Economy: Week 43 -2021

By  Recuro
Oct 27th 2021
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Weekly news roundup

1. Danish cinema offers a subscription for movies  - Soundvenue

With inspiration from the U.S, film distributor Nordisk Film is testing a subscription model for cinema visitors in Ålborg, Denmark. For 199 Danish kroner a month, subscribers can watch an unlimited amount of movies.

“After two films, you have already earned your subscription back - and you can also bring friends and family who do not have a subscription at a reduced price."

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2. Google cuts Play Store fees on subscription services to 15% - Financial Times

From January, Google will cut its app store fees for all subscriptions, such as to streaming services like Spotify, to a maximum of 15 per cent, putting pressure on its rival Apple, which has faced criticism over its 30 per cent App Store commission.

“According to Sensor Tower, worldwide spending on Google Play in 2020 was $38.8bn, earning Google $11.6bn in fees. The majority of these fees - $9.6bn - was from mobile games.”

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3. Google introduces Pixel Pass, an all-in one subscription combining phones and premium services - Techcrunch

Google has introduced a new way to purchase phones: Pixel Pass. This all-in-one subscription service allows consumers to purchase phone for a low monthly price, rather than paying for it all upfront. But it doesn’t just provide access to the phones themselves. Also included with the subscription are Google’s services, like storage, music, YouTube Premium and free apps and games.

"The subscription is designed for regular updaters who like to always carry the latest devices, but also want access to premium services. It’s clearly aimed to be the Google alternative to Apple’s own iPhone subscription plan, via the iPhone Upgrade Program. But while Apple offers its own set of subscription services separately through its newer Apple One subscription plans, the Pixel Pass bundles them in.”

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4. Vässla takes its bike to Europe - with a new subscription model - Dagens industri

The Swedish electric vehicle startup Vässla has just launched its new subscription model in Berlin and Madrid. "We start there, but in about a year, we will be in many more cities," says Vässla's founder and CEO Rickard Bröms.

“We have reached an audience that we have not been able to reach with the traditional model - those who are not ready to pay SEK 20,000 for a vehicle, or do not have that habit or simply do not like to own stuff.”

Weekly analysis roundup

1. Interest for HBO Boosted in the Nordics – as Nordic becomes Max - Mediavision

On October 26, HBO Nordic was replaced by HBO Max. And it is not only a simple switch. According to the owner WarnerMedia the service will be both broader and better than before. This means more content and more genres, at a lower price. Mediavision’s analysis, based on new Nordic data, shows a boosted interest for HBO in the Nordics as Max launches.

“The interest in the not-yet-launched service HBO Max is substantial in the Nordics. The majority of households that plan to purchase HBO Max, already have at least one video streaming service. This implies that HBO Max will drive stacking rather than overall household penetration – similar to how Disney+ entered the Nordics just over a year ago.”

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2. Why subscription loyalty can be gold dust - Gulf Business

Subscription loyalty programmes can be great for travel firms, especially in post-pandemic recovery, writes Gulf Business.

“Subscription loyalty programmes cannot simply be fee-based versions of existing ‘earned’ loyalty tiers; that would create a ‘bypass’ to existing incentives and lessen the overall programme impact. Customers need clear reasons to buy into the programme, such as instant access and improved utility of benefits. An unattractive scheme with no evident payoff won’t survive past the first membership year.”

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3. Subscriptions aren’t just for consumers: Here’s how B2B companies can use them - Forbes

B2B-focused companies can transform their business by cultivating a membership mindset and focusing on the long-term benefits of clients, writes Drew McLellan in Forbes.

“Clients don’t like committing to long-term relationships because they don’t believe their partners can deliver everything they need. But if you’re proactive, you can come up with solutions for pain points and needs that don’t yet exist.”

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4. Subscription software – Volvo Cars’ future model? - Dagens industri

The car manufacturer wants to make money from its technology investments by offering software by subscription. "The devil is in the details, but the goal is crystal clear," says Johan Taws, head of mobility and autonomous, in an interview.

“We and the industry in general see opportunities in subscriptions in the future, but there are many ingredients that are needed for it to work well.”

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