Nordic Subscription Economy: Week 41 -2021

By  Recuro
Oct 13th 2021
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Weekly news roundup

1. VC will invest billions in subscription services – Dagens industri

The Swedish advisor and investor GP Bullhound will be investing billions of SEK in consumer-oriented subscription services, seeing a shift in the market. Examples of previous investments in the segment include Fishbrain, a social network for fishers, and Lingokids, an app for teaching children language.

“If we fast-forward three years, most people will have 5-10 different Consumer Service subscriptions”

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2. American Express adds subscription-based benefits for U.S. platinum cardholders – Subscription Insider

By adding credits equal to the cost of a monthly Walmart+ membership and a credit toward a SoulCycle at-home bike, with a combined value of about $455, American Express hopes to stand out from the crowd in the competitive payments market, writes Subscription Insider.

“When paired with other benefits, like digital entertainment and travel credits, cardholders can easily cover the cost of their pricy annual fee, while accessing subscription services and other benefits they might not otherwise take advantage of.”

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3. GM aims to build Netflix-sized subscription business by 2030 – Techcrunch

General Motors said it expects its in-car subscription services to generate nearly $2 billion in revenue this year and will reach as high as $25 billion by the end of the decade, an amount the company said will put it in the same league as Netflix, Peloton and Spotify.

“The automaker has 16 million vehicles on the road in the U.S. and Canada. About a quarter of those vehicles — 4.2 million — have owners that pay for subscriptions services today […].”

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4. Taco Bell tests 30-day taco subscription to drive more frequent visits – CNBC

Customers with the Taco Lover’s Pass can order one crunchy taco, soft taco, spicy potato soft taco or Doritos Locos taco per day for 30 days straight on the chain’s app. The cost of the pass ranges from $5 to $10 a month.

“Like Burger King and Panera, Taco Bell is likely hoping to drive regular visits to its restaurants from customers, building habits during the 30-day period. Since one taco isn’t filling enough for most consumers, they might add more to their orders, too.”

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5. HBO Max rolls out in Europe as subscription-only platform – The Drum

WarnerMedia’s fledgling streamer HBO Max is to roll out across 27 European territories as a subscription-based product on October 26. The US conglomerate has opted against launching an ad-funded alternative in Europe and has instead carved out monthly and annual packages bespoke to each territory.

“An ad-funded version of HBO Max was rolled out in the US in June, a year after the initial subscription-based product was launched. HBO Max’s AVoD alternative is priced at $9.99 per month – $5 cheaper than the ad-free version.”

Weekly analysis roundup

1. The growing pains of Apple’s subscription addiction – Techcrunch

As Apple’s diversifying business shifts from simply getting consumers to buy new iPhones towards getting them to buy Apple devices while locking them in to subscription software services on said devices, they’re starting to get a little pushier than they used to be, writes Techcrunch.

“Apple turning into a services business is certainly no crime, but it’s important to realize that doing so likely requires a shift in what their relationship with consumers fundamentally looks like. We’re only starting to taste some of those changes today, but they may become much more visible down the road.”

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2. Smart streaming companies have shifted their strategy throughout the pandemic – Subscribed

Zuora subscription strategist Nick Cherrier examines the behaviour of streaming subscribers amid COVID-19 and have streaming companies have adapted to changing patterns.

“Typically, what follows periods of intense acquisition, leading to big spikes in subscriber numbers, is high churn. And we saw just that, to some extent at least, in the second quarter of 2020. But since the drop, there’s been a plateau period and that’s down in great part to the smartest streaming companies shifting their strategy.”

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3. Pret A Manger and the rise of retail subscriptions – Business Insider

Pret A Manger has launched its coffee-subscription program in New York City and Washington, D.C.It follows a successful rollout in the UK, which garnered 16,500 subscriptions on its debut day. Restaurants are now increasingly following the success of models from Netflix and Amazon in the subscription sales industry, writes Business Insider.

“Chains who made a strong pivot to at home consumption, focusing on programs like subscription services, seemed more resilient during the pandemic”

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