Welcome Christina, our new support specialist!

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Oct 31st 2022
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We all know that there will not be any recurring revenue without excellent customer services. Therefore we are so happy to be able to welcome Christina Özer Passvik, our very own new support specialist.

Christina, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I guess I have a wide range of experiences. I’ve studied both business & laws and sommelier hospitality management. Furthermore, I have worked with economy and customer success at different companies that have been using subscriptions, so this is a well-known field to me.

What are you looking forward to and what made you say “yes” to this position?

The main thing that I am looking forward to at Recuro is to be a part of an exciting journey. I like the concept of keeping subscriptions alive, and it is also very fascinating seeing them grow with the help of very talented people with great expertise - that is why I said yes to this position. I think Recuro is a great place for me to connect and start my own learning-journey to develop in my position whilst having access to a team full of knowledge to learn from. I’m proud of being a part of this.

What will be your focus here at Recuro?

My main focus at Recuro will be to support our customers, customers. And also doing internal, admin and other all-around stuff that tends to come up at an early stage company 🙂

That sounds great - thank you so much for sharing a bit of your backgrund. We are so much looking forward being a part of your professional journey. You can get in contact with her here.

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