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Feb 23rd 2023
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We are so happy to welcome our new intern Camilo Karlsson, who will be joining us for the next five weeks. We hope to be able to give him some insights from real clients. Furthermore, we are 100% sure Camilo will fuel us with great knowledge of the latest growth tactics.

We took some time to ask him a few questions – welcome, Camilo!

Camilo, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am currently a student at Berghs SOC pursuing the Growth Marketing course. I have previous experience working with content marketing within the music and artistic industry at Amuse, as well as web management and copy at Artportable. As I’ve studied so far, I’ve realized that I really enjoy measuring results and gaining new and creative insights from customer data, a skill I know I can improve during my time at Recuro.

What are you looking forward to, and what made you say “yes” to this position?

I am very much looking forward to learning how Recuro works with subscription business models and how to improve such business models with the help of marketing and automation tools. Recuro has a strong team that I’m truly looking forward to shadowing and learning from during my internship. Growing subscription businesses is very exciting, and the range of companies Recuro is working with is going to give me great insight into how they operate – or should be operating.

What will be your focus here at Recuro?

During my internship at Recuro, my focus will be learning and further developing my skills with the team through being a part of current projects. I will be helping with both internal tasks at Recuro but will also help the growth specialists with their customer tasks and hopefully contribute with new ideas and perspectives.

What areas of work are you interested in after graduation?

Entering the job market, I have some areas I’m especially keen on broadening my competence in. I am very interested in understanding and creating marketing automation flows and solutions that make the user experience better and more personalized for the customer, while also giving the company a lot of leverage to understand user data and behavior. I am also very interested in performance marketing and developing creative testing solutions to improve ROAS optimization. I tend to lean towards the more data-driven and technical marketing solutions, so we will see where that takes me!

Thank you so much, Camilo, for sharing – we are very much looking forward to having you with us for the next couple of weeks.

Please reach out to us if you like to be part of our growth journey.

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