Welcome aboard, Malou Holmström: Adding SaaS expertise to our team

By  Recuro
Aug 11th 2023
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Fostering a strong and diverse team stands as the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to provide our clients with unparalleled assistance. Given the distinct nature of every company and the diverse competencies required for success, assembling a team of exceptional talents not only benefits our clients but also cultivates an environment of growth, development, and dynamism that makes each workday engaging. The demand for our services spans various industries, with the SaaS sector being a significant player among them.

We are thrilled to kickstart the autumn season by welcoming Malou Holmström to our marketing team! In her first week, we dedicated time to connect, and we’re excited to extend this introduction to you as well.

Malou, can you tell us about your professional journey and what led you to join Recuro?

  • I come from a B2B SaaS background working with Performance Marketing for a CDP (customer data platform). What led me to Recuro was the chance to try something new whilst growing my skill set, and being able to contribute to the growth of the company. 

What excites you the most about your new role?

  • The thing that excites me about my new role is that I have the opportunity to grow and be challenged as Recuro grows, I love the agility of a smaller company, being able to test out new things, and being less restricted in one’s role. I also like to have a lot of things going on at the same time, so consultancy feels like it will be a great fit!

Having worked in B2B SaaS before, what unique perspectives do you think you’ll bring to our team?

  • I have an in-depth understanding of the opportunities as well as the challenges that come with a B2B SaaS company such as the longer sales cycles, and how the decision-making process differs. The perspective from working in-house could also be helpful in the sense that it might be easier to understand the troubles and hurdles that our clients might experience. 

What are some hobbies or interests outside of work that you’re passionate about?

  • I have a wide array of different hobbies, but the red thread is that they all tend to be a bit nerdy. I have a penchant for books, but I also love playing complicated board games such as Gloomhaven, picking mushrooms in the forest, playing video games, and or trying out new restaurants and bars!

Thank you so much for sharing Malou – we are looking forward to having you in the Recuro-team!

Connect with Malou on LinkedIn here!

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