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By  Recuro
Aug 25th 2023
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Yesterday, we had the great pleasure of hosting a 2-hour session on packaging and setting pricing strategies for members of SSE Business Lab's incubator in Stockholm. It was a highly engaging session with numerous insightful discussions.

During the session, they gain insights on how to strategize and optimize their pricing strategies based on the following topics:

  • How to structure your pricing approach
  • Creating value for different customer segments
  • The relationship between value proposition, target audience, and pricing
  • Pricing tactics and price psychology
  • Critical metrics for growth
  • Quantitative measurement and analysis of a SaaS business

Thank you SSE for inviting us, and also thank you for allowing Jonas to snuggle a bit with Alfred🐶

If you're looking to refresh your subscription skills anytime soon, talk to us, and we will arrange something!

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