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By  Recuro
Mar 24th 2023
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Time flies and Camilo is today doing his last day of his internship here at Recuro. It has been a great pleasure having him with us for the last five weeks. We have sure learned a lot and we hope Camilo feels the same way – we took a few minutes to ask him how he has perceived his internship.

What have you learned?

When I applied as an intern at Recuro, I hoped to meet a team filled with specialists and data-driven people. This idea turned out to be very accurate, and I was very happy to learn new ways of working through them. Recuro’s specialization in subscription-based businesses gave me a lot of insight into what differentiates them from other business models. I have also had the opportunity to discover new interests within the term Growth Marketing such as marketing automation and optimizing API integration.

What have you done?

During my time at Recuro, I have been working on various tasks and solutions. During my first week, I made on-page campaigns for a large media company with very good results. I saw the need for a understanding of micro/macro conversions and how to track them, so I launched myself into creating a solution. By creating events, new data layer variables, and tags in GTM, I established and defined both micro and macro conversions. When the events had been read into Google Analytics, I set out to create a conversion funnel. Lead generation was the main KPI when defining the conversions, so a traditional B2C conversion funnel did not fit the criteria for the solution I was looking for. Therefore, I created a conversion dashboard with insights using the events I had created in GTM & GA4. I have been doing tasks both internally and externally, which has been a really fun mix.

Is there any difference between school and work?

There is definitely a big difference between the two. Berghs is a very practical school, so there is a lot of hands-on work where the “learning by doing” methodology is used. Yet, at Recuro, there was a new sense of independence in maintaining clear communication with my peers while doing my tasks. This was a very enjoyable aspect of doing my internship at Recuro.

Are there any learnings for you to bring with you?

Great experience, and many insights! I am very excited to use the skills and insights I have gained at Recuro in my career, as well as further exploring new marketing avenues. I also leave with an idea and experience of what good teamwork looks like.

We are wishing him the best of luck!

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