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Jan 26th 2023
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We think growth is important for clients, people and our society. But growth can’t come at any cost. It needs to be sustainable. But how do you accomplish that? We believe in sharing knowledge, learnings and pitfalls to be able to grow better. Therefor, we are happy to invite you to the following Recuro Events during spring 2023.

EXPIRED: 2023-02-16 – Webinar – How to accelerate subscriber growth and revenue in 2023 – a joint webinar with Recurly.
What does it take to become a leading subscription business in 2023? Join Jonas from Recuro and Oscar from Recurly for a captivating 30-minute session exploring the results of Recurly’s latest subscription report. Learn more here.

EXPIRED: 2023-02-22 – Webinar – Scaling revenue in early-stage SaaS companies.
Driving revenue growth in an early stage SaaS company is complex and requires an in-depth understanding of the buyer journey, from acquisition to retention. In this webinar, Recuro will share best practices on how to effectively scale revenue in early SaaS companies and the most critical success factors for doing so. Get the recorded version here.

EXPIRED: 2023-03-15 – Webinar – Subscription analytics.
Subscriptions is a great business model for media companies, the SaaS industry and many more. For both B2B and B2C, subscriptions can drive exceptional long-term growth. To succeed in your growth journey, you need to have a full understanding of your subscription analytics. In this webinar, we’ll cover the basics of subscription analytics and metrics. Learn more here.

2023- On Demand Course – Pricing strategy for SaaS companies – cohosted by Breakit.
Learn to work with pricing in a structured and purposeful way. A study from SaaS Mag and Profitwell shows that at SaaS companies with recurring annual revenue (ARR) of $5-100 million, managers spend approximately 11.5 hours per year on pricing issues. These same managers spend more time, about 15 hours, on acquiring cleaning equipment. Congratulations on being one of the people who take pricing seriously! During the course, we will guide you through an approach to work with pricing in SaaS, discuss different strategies, and provide concrete tips along the way.The course is held in Swedish. Sign up here.

EXPIRED: 2023-04-19 – Webinar – Transforming into subscriptions – a joint webinar with Viskan.
With the rise of subscription-based services across various industries, product companies such as retailers, resellers and manufacturers, are starting to explore how they too can leverage this model to increase customer loyalty and revenue. In this unique webinar, Recuro, a subscription expert consultancy firm, has teamed up with Viskan, a leading provider of e-commerce platforms with unique functionality for subscription business models. Get the recored version here.

EXPIRED: 2023-04-26 – Webinar – Subscription onboarding journey and marketing automation.
Why is clear communication with subscribers so important, and how do you actually build the perfect customer journey? We answer that when Recuro and Rule rerun last fall’s popular webinar – How to Build the Perfect Customer Journey. Learn more here.

EXPIRED: 2023-05-04 – Webinar – Churn & retention.
2023 will be the year of retention. Join our webinar to learn valuable customer retention and churn reduction strategies. Recuro’s experts will share practical insights, effective tools, and relevant examples. Make sure you are geared up for growth this year and sign up now to secure your spot. Learn more here.

EXPIRED: 2023-05-10 – Course – Media subscription 101 – understanding reader revenue.
We are welcoming you to a half day course focusing on how you turn an ad-founded business into a subscription based business and how you scale it. The course will be held in Swedish. Learn more here.

EXPIRED: 2023-05-23 – Course – SaaS growth for executives – co-hosted with Breakit.
The course will be held in Swedish and will provide a comprehensive understanding of driving revenue growth in SaaS companies. This course is perfect for those who are new to the SaaS industry, including leaders, board members, investors, and marketers. Learn more here.

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