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Sep 18th 2023
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We think growth is important for clients, people and our society. But growth can't come at any cost. It needs to be sustainable. But how do you accomplish that? We believe in sharing knowledge, learnings and pitfalls to be able to grow better. Therefor, we are happy to invite you to the following Recuro Events Autumn 2023.

EXPIRED: 2023-08-24 - Learning Session - Pricing and Packaging at SSE Business Lab.
We had the great pleasure of hosting a 2-hour session on packaging and setting pricing strategies for members of SSE Business Lab's incubator in Stockholm. Learn more here.

EXPIRED: 2023-09-13 - Webinar - How to use generative AI and SEO tactics to lower your acquisition costs.
Throughout this co-hosted webinar with Recuro and Zupyak, we'll be diving into exciting topics that illuminate the transformative power of generative AI and its impact on content marketing and SEO. Get the recorded version here.

2023-11-01 - Course - Upptäck XaaS – så får du pengarna att rulla in med anything-as-a-service-modellen
The course will be held in Swedish and will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to build a XaaS company. This course is perfect for those who are new to the XaaS industry, including leaders, board members, investors, and marketers. Learn more and sign up here.

2023-11-30 - Webinar - What can India och the Nordics learn from each other?
More information will be shared shortly.

Do you have any specific topic you would like to hear more about? Let us know!

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