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Oct 6th 2022
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We think growth is important for clients, people and our society. But growth can't come at any cost. It needs to be sustainable. But how do you accomplish that? We believe in sharing knowledge, learnings and pitfalls to be able to grow better. Therefor, we are happy to invite you to the following Recuro Events during autumn 2022.

2022-09-27 - Subscription Pricing and Packaging - EXPIRED
A key question that occupies most subscription leaders minds is “How do we price our services to reach our goals?”In this webinar with Recuro CEO and founder Jonas Åström you will learn the basics of subscription pricing and packaging. Read more about the topic here.

2022-10-13 - State of the Subscription Economy and How to Transition to Subscriptions - EXPIRED
What’s going on in the ‘subscription economy’? This is something Jonas Åström, founder of Recuro and Adam Levinter, founder of Scriberbase will discuss during this cross-atlantic webinar.

2022-10-27 - Subscription Onboarding Journey - EXPIRED
Why is communication with subscribers so important and how do you actually build a perfect customer journey? Get the answers during this webinar co-hosted by Rule (will be held in Swedish).

2022-11-09 - Media Subscription Trends - EXPIRED
Digital Media Subscriptions has come a long way since the early days about a decade or so ago, but the transformation is still ongoing. We see new media companies still just starting out with subscription models. We also see mature players in need of constant innovation to stay on top. With this as a context, we’re happy to present our renewed webinar on Subscription Media Trends.

2022-11-17 - B2B SaaS Growth for Executives Hosted by Breakit
It’s clear that the SaaS field still is something fairly new and unexplored compared to other more linear business models. Therefore we are happy to announce, that Emilia Brandt and Jonas Åström are able to offer a full day course together with Breakit November 17th, addressing ‘How do you drive revenue growth in a SaaS business?’(will be held in Swedish) Sign up here.

2022-12-15 - Subscription Analytics
More information will be announced soon.

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