Launching our on-demand pricing course with Breakit

By  Recuro
Mar 16th 2023
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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest on-demand course, produced in collaboration with Breakit and Coursio. The course provides a comprehensive guide about how to optimize your pricing strategy. 

A study from Profitwell, found that executives at SaaS companies with recurring annual revenue of $5-100 million spend only about 10 hours per year on pricing questions. This is despite the fact that a well-executed pricing strategy can result in revenue increases of up to 30%.

To address this issue, Jonas Åström at Recuro has teamed up with Breakit to create an on-demand course on pricing strategy for SaaS companies, which is now live. The course provides a structured approach to optimizing pricing, covering the basics of pricing, frameworks that can be used to approach pricing strategy, psychological aspects of pricing, and quantitative analysis of pricing. It also covers scenarios in which companies may need to adjust their pricing, such as when introducing a new service or making pricing adjustments to existing services.

The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to optimize revenue for a SaaS company, from board-level executives to marketing managers, business analysts, and business development professionals. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the topic, providing both theoretical concepts and practical tools that can be easily implemented. As both the capital and consumer markets become increasingly tight, having the right pricing strategy is more important than ever.

Summing up, the course covers; 

✅ Why pricing is important

✅ How to measure and analyze pricing

✅ Pricing strategies and pricing psychology

✅ How to structure your work around pricing

Our partnership with Breakit and Coursio have enabled us to combine our expertise and resources, resulting in a high-quality, deep dive pricing course. What sets our course apart is its flexibility – you can access it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. With 24/7 availability and lifetime access, you can learn at your convenience and refer back to the course material whenever needed. Plus, we are using the user-friendly platform Coursio – an interactive tool that makes learning enjoyable. 

We are proud to host this course alongside Breakit and are confident that it will provide immense value to our users. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge – enroll today and start learning! The course is in Swedish. Learn more here.

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