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Feb 22nd 2022
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One of Recuro's core values is to be the number one expert within subscription growth. To fulfil this value we always look for top talents – and what then couldn't be better than welcoming two high-performing interns from Berghs to Recuro? We made a short interview with them to get to know them a bit more!

- Hi and warm welcome to Recuro! Tell us a bit more about you.
Hi! We're Loïc Bushayija and Henrik Aronsson, and we currently studying Growth Marketing at Berghs School of Communication.

- Interesting, what do you study in practice?
We've gotten insight on what growth means. Some of the things we've been able to work with in different cases are CRO, SEO, pitch and presentation, data driven marketing and more, all in the purpose of understanding how to work within growth and understanding the different tools used to create meaningful marketing.

- Sounds as the right place to be! Why did you chose to do your internship at Recuro?
The reason why we chose to do our internship at Recuro is due to the fact that you work with everything within growth. Here we're able to work on sharpening our skills in everything from performance marketing to SEO. It's a bonus that the team here at Recuro is amazing and want to be a part of helping us reach our highest potential.

We are so glad to have you and we really looking forward to the upcoming weeks – we are sure we have a few things to learn from you as well!

Meet the rest of the team here!

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