On Demand Webinar - Customer Perspectives & Trends to Drive Revenue

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What does it take to become a leading subscription business in 2023?

The subscription business is experiencing remarkable growth. Setting your business apart and accelerating subscriber and business growth in a sustainable manner requires a deep understanding of the key factors.

Listen to the voice of consumers

In collaboration with Recurly, we invite you to join us for a on-demand 30-minute session where we delve into the current subscriber landscape. What are the consumer perspectives and trends that drive businesses forward? How can you enhance the growth of your subscriber base and recurring revenue? Oscar Wall, Recurly EMEA General Manager, and Jonas Åström, Recuro founder and CEO, will share in-depth research insights along with valuable findings from Recurly's State of Subscriptions report.

During this session, you will discover:

  • The significance of comprehending consumer preferences and how it impacts revenue. Our experts will provide insights into the evolving customer preferences within the subscription landscape, supplemented by research findings.
  • The potential of subscription personalization and customization in improving customer engagement and reducing churn in the long run.
  • Various subscription business models, such as freemium and tiered structures, and their influence on revenue patterns. Gain a better understanding of selecting the most effective subscription business models for different types of businesses.
  • Subscription pricing strategies, including pay-as-you-go, fixed price, and dynamic models, and their impact on revenue.
  • Emerging trends in the subscription economy based on our unparalleled State of Subscriptions report. Learn how you can utilize our data to adapt your business, enabling faster, smarter, and stronger growth.

Watch the session by downloading it HERE.

Sponsored by Recuro & Recurly

Recuro helps companies build, grow, and operate their subscription-based businesses. Our cross-functional team of experts believes that the subscription business model is an excellent approach to establishing sustainable revenue streams and fostering strong customer relationships.

Recurly is the trusted subscription and billing platform for renowned brands seeking accelerated, intelligent, and robust recurring revenue growth. Our partners include industry-leading companies such as Paramount+, FabFitFun, Twitch, and Sprout Social.

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Aug 25th 2023
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