On Demand Webinar – Mastering Retention

2023 will be the year of retention! Due to the market conditions, mastering retention strategies this year is more crucial than ever.

Many subscription businesses are seeing a drop in acquisition due to a looming economic downturn. Now is the time to focus on retaining your subscribers. We invite you to join us for an information-packed webinar that will help you unlock the secrets to boosting retention, and maximizing your subscription business growth, despite tough market conditions.

This on-demand webinar is 45 minutes long and up for grab all for free whenever you have room for some inspiration.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey can drive better retention, and why you need to optimize every aspect, from pricing and marketing to engagement and winback strategies
  • The key factors that contribute to customer churn and how to identify them in your business
  • Proven strategies for reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value (CLV) in a constantly evolving market
  • An overview of tools and platforms designed to help you effectively manage and reduce churn in your subscription-based business
  • Real-life case studies of successful churn and retention strategies in action, demonstrating how businesses have thrived in different market conditions


Jonas Åström, Subscription Expert at Recuro

Jonas is an electrical engineer and economist with a background in product development, analytics and marketing. He is a strategist specialized in pricing & packaging, go-to-market and quantitative analysis. As the CEO of Recuro, Jonas helps companies from various industries to build and grow their subscription-based businesses. You can reach him at jonas@recuro.com.

About Recuro: 

Recuro helps companies build, grow and operate their subscription-based businesses via a cross-functional team of experts who believe that the subscription business model is a great way of building sustainable revenue streams and strong customer relationships.

Who is this for: 

Our webinar is a great fit for a wide range of subscription professionals, including those in the Media, Software as a Service (SaaS), and consumer app industries. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, marketer, product manager, customer success specialist, or anyone involved in customer retention and growth strategies, this event will be of interest to you.

Grab your free webinar!

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