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During the last decade we have seen the SaaS - Software as a Service - industry explode. It is now easier than ever to start a SaaS company but it has never been more difficult to grow that business. To be able to create a successful, stable and scalable SaaS company you have to manage many different components. Recuro can help - from pricing to marketing execution.

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The SaaS landscape

The SaaS industry continues to grow. The transformation from being forced to install and maintain software in-house to switching to a cloud-based solution has revolutionised the software industry. We see new pioneers enabling new solutions. Furthermore, we can see a big wave of established companies that want to transform into a SaaS model. The two different starting points require different approaches. 

It is not only the technology, or delivery model, behind it that creates a successful SaaS company - it is also the subscription business model. A business model that aims to create recurring revenue with high customer loyalty and as low acquisition cost as possible.


What has happen?

It has never been harder to grow a SaaS business than now. The truth is that successful SaaS companies spend more on Sales & Marketing (~50%) than Product & Tech (~40%)*. The tricky part is to find that magic formula that works for your company. 

Being able to create a successful, stable and scalable SaaS company requires a lot of different components. We are using a framework that is divided into two blocks - Strategy (managing Why and What) and Execution (managing How and Who). This framework is all encompassing when it comes to commercialising and scaling a SaaS company.

*Serena SaaS Benchmarks 2021


What type of companies are we working with?

We work with all types of SaaS companies - and closely related B2B Services. All companies, independent of maturity, need an injection from time to time - to fuel growth. 

The SaaS industry spans over a wide range of companies - B2C (apps) targeting end consumers and B2B targeting both SME and enterprise companies. Being experts in the commercialisation through the subscription-based model - we can help all of them.


How can we help?

We are specialised in helping SaaS companies grow and we offer a wide range of services covering our SaaS framework. It spans over a strategic perspective such as setting a price strategy, how to package your offer and how to find the right GTM-strategy. It also covers more tactical growth such as Lead gen campaigns and Marketing Automation.

Some of our popular SaaS services are: 

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