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We understand the value of free speech and offer our clients the best solutions in order to spread the word. Implementing strategies and hands-on methods in order to provide you with the best subscription solution for your media company.

About the service


The media landscape

Media companies have had a strong focus on subscription based business for a long time and during the last decade they have been in the forefront moving and shaping the industry. Using a subscription based business model has several advantages for media companies such as economic stability, focus on the product as well as a customer value.


What has happen?

We operate in times where a lot is changing. Print is in recession and a drive towards digital products sets a new scene. In this mix new and different skill sets are required.


What type of companies are we working with?

Recuro has ongoing obligations with 10-15 clients within media. Spanding from the lone publisher to multinational companies such as Schibstedt and Bonnier.


How we can help?

We support with strategy, management and/or marketing depending on your needs in order to make sure you are able to solve your challenges and catch your opportunities.

Client cases

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Subscriptions are here to stay, we’ll help you maximize the business potential.

We love getting in contact with subscription-based brands. Feel free to book a discovery call with us and we will find out if we are a match for each other. No strings attached!

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