Setting a pricing and GTM strategy for personal trainer app Repeak

What a great way of laser focusing our work prior to launch of Repeak App, by receiving help by the talented and experienced team at Recuro. Through workshops, we created and processed a slim and well thought out plan for our ambassador program. Recuro also joined many of our interviews with personal trainers, to make sure we got all the facts needed. Moreover, their knowledge and experience on subscription growth helped us gain valuable insights for the pricing of Repeak. We’re thrilled to share our journey with them, and are forever grateful for the professional and fun service they provided.”

– Amar Kadic, co-owner Repeak

About the client case

About the Client

An all-in-one app/SaaS solution for personal trainers

Repeak is an all-in-one app/SaaS solution that aims to reduce personal trainers’ administrative work and free up more time for them to spend with their clients. 

The Challange

Getting pricing and GTM strategy right

Currently in its pre-launch phase, Repeak was facing two main challenges when Recuro first got in contact with them. Firstly, how to develop a pricing strategy for the launch – and secondly, establishing an initial go-to-market strategy. Recuro provided them with a second opinion to help navigate these final question marks before launching.

Recuro's Strategy Assignment

From analyses to interviews

Recuro followed a structured approach to help Repeak with their pricing strategy and go-to-market strategy based on an ambassador program. We carried out the engagement through the following process: 

  • Analysis of existing plans and strategy
  • Workshops with the internal Repeak team
  • New hypothesis and recommendations
  • Interviews with the Beta client group
  • Fine-tuning recommendations based on the Beta group’s input

Pricing Stratgey

Start simple rather than complex

After analyzing the existing pricing plans, Recuro saw an opportunity to simplify. A common instinct is to try to secure several revenue streams already from the initial launch, but this can be a source of confusion for both clients and the internal team. Therefore, Recuro recommended that they start off with a more streamlined version based on only two packages and price points. As the product is early in its development, the recommendation was also to start off with a lower price point than initially thought. This advice is based on the fact that it is generally easier to raise a price point, rather than to lower it. 

Alongside the launch and when the client base starts to grow, they will learn more about their clients, their willingness to pay, and how to package the offer in the best way possible.

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Ambassador Program

How to approach ambassadors?

The hypothesis was to base Repeak’s go-to-market strategy on an ambassador program. This makes sense as their client base is very active on social media and has a high level of trust in each other. Recuro helped Repeak develop their ambassador program strategy by providing insights on various topics, such as the ambassador’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), positioning and messaging, content strategy, and compensation model.


Simplify pricing strategy and refine ambassador program

Recuro’s helped Repeak simplify their pricing strategy and refine their ambassador program strategy, which would help them effectively target their Ideal Customer Profile and create a strong ambassador network.

Recuro’s work has put Repeak on the right path to launch their app this spring and help personal trainers release their full potential. Recuro is looking forward to seeing Repeak going live and making a positive impact on the personal trainer industry.

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